Operation Sealion – Airfix Magazine

The Vintage Wargaming blog has a nice series of posts with scans of the 1975 Airfix magazine that explored Operation Sealion, the possibility, the weapons and wargaming the invasion. Some really nice pictures of old 20mm wargames complete with Airfix railway scenery (the kits now available from Dapol) as well as Airfix military vehicles. Well worth a look.

Dad’s Army

Blog post describing a really nice looking collection of figures for playing games around Walmington-on-Sea. Including the Home Guard platoon as well as some German opposition.

Press Moulds

Really enjoyed reading this blog post on making press moulds or stamp tools for models.

So you want to be an Assault Space Marine?

So you want to be an Assault Space Marine with your own jetpack?

If you have £50,000 ($100,000) then you can get one of these.

So you want to be an Assault Space Marine?

From BBC.

The Martin jet pack can, in theory, fly an average-sized pilot about 30 miles in 30 minutes on a full 5-gallon (19-litre) tank of petrol.

A couple of interesting Doctor Who links

Here are a couple of interesting Doctor Who links I found today.

Make Your Own Classic Doctor Who Scarf

With the re-imagined Doctor Who ready to return for a fourth season next month, I can’t help but think of one of the series’ enduring hallmarks; the Doctor’s ludicrously long scarf.  The scarf became a symbol not only of Tom Baker, the fourth actor to play the role, but also an icon of the quirky series.


Putting colour back in the Doctor’s cheeks

A new video restoration technique could see dozens of classic episodes of series such as Doctor Who and Dad’s Army restored to their original colour for the first time in more than 30 years.


Next month sees the next new series of Doctor Who and though Catherine Tate is in it I am still looking foward to it, hopefully it will be as good as the first three have been.