New Land Raider “Cerberus” variant – Games Day 2012

First few images are now starting to appear…

Here is a new Land Raider “Typhon” variant from Forge World with what looks like multiple plasma cannons.

Land Raider variant

Update: identified as Cerebus variant.

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Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Space Marine Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

I see from the Forge World previews for GamesDay 2012 that they are going to be releasing a new tank based on the original Land Raider.

Space Marine Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

The Typhon Heavy Siege Tank was named after the ‘Great Beast’ of Ancient Terran myth, this immense siege tank was developed by the Mechanicum alongside the Spartan, with which it shares a basic chassis design.

The Typhon’s primary armament is the massive Dreadhammer cannon, and was created in response to a request from the Primarch Peturabo, master of the Iron Warriors. He demanded a Legiones Astartes war engine that could rival the great batteries of the Imperial Crusade Army in firepower, but manoeuvre and deploy at the speed of a Space Marine force.

Very nice looking tank.

Epic Land Raider & Dreadnought

Epic Land Raider and Dreadnought

Some original Epic miniatures (from Space Marine), a Land Raider and a Dreadnought. You can see a 28mm version of the Dreadnought in this blog post.

Designing the Land Raider Proteus and Deimos Rhino

The original Rogue Trader plastic Land Raider boxed set is a true classic, treasured by many veteran gamers, and the process of updating it to create the Proteus Land Raiders has been a suitably reverent one. To give you an insight into how we designed the various ‘old style’ Space Marine kits we’ve been working on recently, Tony Cottrell, Phil Stutcinskas and Daren Parrwood have recorded a video looking into the development of the Land Raider Proteus model.

I like how the video shows you the different sizes of the different Land Raider models now available.

I did buy the original plastic Rhino and thought (at the time) what a clever plastic model kit it was. No idea where they are now, probably languishing in the bottom of a box somewhere in the garage.

Land Raider Proteus Variant – Games Day 2011

In the Forge World seminar, some new models were shown off. This is a variant of the Land Raider Proteus.

It is of course a resin version of the original original Land Raider that was released back in 1987 following the release of the 1st edition of Warhammer 40,000, Rogue Trader.

I do like this variant, probably more so than the version that we have seen before.

The Land Raider is perhaps the most iconic of all Imperial armoured vehicles. Its distinctive silhouette is recognisable to foe and ally alike, announcing the indomitable presence of the Adeptus Astartes, the heroic and super-human Space Marines. Many patterns and designs of this honoured and ancient war machine exist across the myriad worlds of the Imperium, and among the oldest of such designs is the Land Raider Proteus.

Mechanicus tech-savants believe that the Land Raider Proteus is a precursor to the Phobos pattern vehicle now found amongst the armouriums of the Adeptus Astartes. Bulkier and faster than the Phobos, ancient and forgotten data-looms describe the Proteus as a forward assault vehicle, commonly fielded in Explorator missions during the dawning days of Mankind’s fledgling galactic empire.

I do quite like the these retro releases and I am considering getting one (or two) but I should really finish the Mark IIb first!

Photo via Fraggle