Airfix Supacat Coyote and Jackal

Airfix preview video for A06302 Supacat Coyote A05301 Supacat Jackal.

You may recall from a previous blog postthat I thought they would make for really nice Imperial Guard armoured vehicles. As they are 1/48th scale they would fit very well with the 25/28mm size of the Imperial Guard. Of course with some ramshackle additions they would also make for some really nice Ork vehicles too.

Maintenance Area

Really nice miniature from the German Golden Demon Awards (where it won silver).

Nice composition and lots of lovely detail, some great toolboxes and parts.

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Imperial Manticore

The Manticore is a mobile multiple rocket launcher variant built on the Chimera chassis. The launcher is capable of firing a variety of rockets, from standard high explosive fragmentation warheads to oxyphosphur incendiary warheads, from air-gas to surface-to-air interceptor missiles.

From the Forge World displays at GamesDay 2007.

Imperial Guard Hydra

This impressive Imperial Guard Hydra was from the Forge World display cabinets at GamesDay 2007.

The Hydra’s main role is defending mobile Imperial Guard attacks from the unwanted attentions of enemy aircraft. Even in the abscence of airborne threats, the Hydra’s long barrelled auto-cannons are still a potent weapon against lighter vehicles and infantry.