Ork Gunwagon

I’ve always liked the Ork Gunwagon, which was one of the first Forge World models that was released and was one of the first that I purchased. After a while Forge World started releasing them with bigger more powerful weapons.

This is a Forge World Gunwagon with Big Shoota

Ork Gunwagon

Another Forge World Ork Gunwagon, this one is armed with Big Zzappa

Ork Gunwagon

From the Display Cabinets at GamesDay.

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon

This is my Ork Gunwagon with Kannon.

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon

This one of the earlier Forge World models and I got mine back in 2005 (I think, possibly 2006).

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon

You can see how I painted and made this model on the workbench feature for it.


Meks and Burnaboyz disembark from an Ork Gunwagon.


Models from my collection.

I like using Meks in my games of Warhammer 40k, as they are able to “fix” damaged Ork vehicles. This unit is used less for combat, but act more as mechanics fixing all the stuff that got immobilised or damaged by the Imperial Guard.

Mega Dread and Gunwagon

One of the highlights of GamesDay 2009 for me was the fantastic Ork Shanty Town display that Forge World did. There were many of the new Forge World models including the excellent Mega Dread. Also in this photograph is a Gunwagon armed with Big Zappa.


I really like the Mega Dread model, which combined with Killa Kans and Dreadnoughts gives the Orks a variety of walkers that you would expect to find in their forces.

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Ork Gunwagon with Kannon

A Forge World Ork Gunwagon with Kannon that was entered into the GamesDay 2005 UK Golden Demon awards. Unfortunately the depth of field in this photograph is quite poor, which is down to having to take photographs without a tripod in many cases badly lit cases. Still you get the general idea behind the image.


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