Stunning Games Day 2012 Photographs

Flickr user jontlaw has posted a series of stunning photographs on Flickr.

This Ork Battlewagon was an entry in the Golden Demon awards.

Ork Battlewagon

Space Marine Predator.

Space Marine Predator

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Red Ork Battlewagon

This very nice Ork Battlewagon was on display in Warhammer World. A very classic Orkish paint job. Nice use of red without been too overpowering. I like the low profile and the fact that it doesn’t look top heavy.

Ork Battlewagon

This very nice Ork Battlewagon was on display in Warhammer World.

I still have a fair way to go with mine, but I do like the model, one of the better Ork models from Games Workshop. Lots of conversion potential too. With all the options I think it can be a little too tall. With my model I have gone for a lower profile than the above model.

Ork Battlewagon with Supa Kannon

I got this model as a present, it combines the plastic Battlewagon kit with a resin Supa Kannon.

This is the preview model from the Forge World stand.

The plastic Battlewagon model contains four large sprues.

The resin pieces come in a bag

There is a fair bit of resin.

Flying Ork Battlewagon

This bizarre flying ork Battlewagon was an entry in the GamesDay 2009 Golden Demon awards.

It uses many parts, but a key one appears to be an Eldar Falcon hull. Not sure if I like it or not. Quite a dramatic pose and quite a good paint job, but there is something that doesn’t sit right with me. Not sure what it is, maybe the concept, I am sure Orks would salvage Eldar equipment, but would they conjure something like this up? Of course this is Warhammer 40K and to be honest most things are possible.