Digital Apocalypse

Digital Apocalypse

Games Workshop have, as it getting to be the norm now, released their most recent publication, Apocalypse as a digital book for the iPad, a snip at £44.99.

The greatest heroes of the age lead battalions of troops and tanks against the foe. Super-heavy war machines dominate the conflict like gods of battle as bombardments rain from the skies. This is war on a whole new level.
Apocalypse is a new way of playing games of Warhammer 40,000. Allowing you to field as many miniatures as you like, in any combination. There really are no limits to what you can do

FIGHTING AN APOCALYPSE BATTLE: The rules for setting up and playing games of Apocalypse; new Apocalypse missions and strategic assets; new rules such as Divine Intervention, and Sons of the Primarch; world ending Unnatural disasters; and advice on how to field all your miniatures in one gigantic collection.

APOCALYPSE FORMATIONS: Details of more than 100 devastating formations that feature the most powerful military assets of the 41st Millennium. With 11 distinct classes of formation, you can take your choice from the C’tan-powered Tesseract Vault to an entire Battle Company of Space Marines!

MINIATURES SHOWCASE: Sumptuous photographs of super-heavy vehicles, gargantuan armies and heroic commanders to inspire your own collection.

WAR ZONE: ARMAGEDDON: Details one of the most monumental campaigns of the 41st Millennium, with unique special rules, formations and missions.

Peppered throughout the book is a host of additional background information to further inspire you.

I really like the idea of digital rules and though some baulk at the price, remember when buying any book you are not paying for the physical costs of printing etc, you are paying for the effort that went into writing the thing. So digital or paper the costs are for the authors, illustrators, photographers (oh and a decent cut for the publisher).

Get Apocalypse as a digital download from the iBookstore.

And so it begins…

As was rumoured and eagerly anticipated, Games Workshop have announced (for pre-order) their new Apocalypse rules for Warhammer 40K.


Apocalypse is a new way of playing games of Warhammer 40,000. Allowing you to field as many miniatures as you like, in any combination. There really are no limits to what you can do.

There are some new models and re-releases of older models (complete with corresponding price increase of course).

For Chaos there is the huge Khorne Lord of Skulls, which looks ridiculous, unless of course you are a Chaos player and like the bizarre and the weird.

For Necron there is the Tesseract Vault or Obelisk, which I do think is a really interesting and different concept. It’s not a tank or a flyer in the tradition sense, it’s something different.

For the Imperial Guard we have the BaneBlade, though I do think we’ve seen that before… 😉

In addition there are some scenery packs. Though I am not sure if these are new releases or re-releases. Update yes there is new scenery.

As you might expect, slightly disappointed that there are no releases for the Orks, but you never know what might happen next month…



A conversion of the Ork Stompa that was on display at GamesDay 2009.

Stompa Conversion

This Stompa conversion incorporates a lot of different parts, the main are the Baneblade chassis instead of feet and the use of a Battlewagon as the head.


At  first I wasn’t sure about this conversion, but the more I look at the more I like it. I think the head does work very well.

I can quite easily imagine lots of Ork Meks working together on the hulk of an Imperial Guard Baneblade and building up the body of the Stompa before deciding that the partly destroyed Battlewagon that the Baneblade had taken out would look great as a head!

More photographs of Ork Stompaz.

Evil Eye in da Sky

Taken at GamesDay 2009.


The mechanical monstrosity known to the Orks as the Evil Eye in da Sky is the insane creation of Big Mek Dakrok. The Evil Eye in da Sky is a Stompa, with a number of ‘Big Mek’s Speshuls’ added. These include extra and larger rokkits, a head-mounted supa-gatler, a belly-mounted deth kannon, and, most unusually, an unlikely system for transporting and launching its compliment of Deffkoptas.

Dakrok has become an expert of sorts in using the Deffkoptas to pinpoint enemy positions so that the Evil Eye’s rokkits can be zeroed in on the foe with unerring accuracy. It takes a particularly unhinged Ork to volunteer to pilot one of Dakrok’s Deffkoptas, but for many the chance to be propelled at breakneck speed from the Evil Eye’s launch ramp is just too exciting an opportunity to pass up.

Download the Apocalypse datasheet from here.