Epic Ork Trukks

The new models are rather nice…

Managed to see a blister of the new Ork Trukks (or battlewagons as they are referred to) and though most are new, some are conversions of the older models (as we were promised) and it does seem a little strange to see the Flakwagon Trukk as a whole casting as opposed to the three part I am use to.

Epic Scale Chaos Death Wheel

Wonderful model of a vehicle I didn’t know actually existed…

I didn’t even know Chaos had a vehicle called a Death Wheel…

It’s from the same website that the excellent Chaos Defiler came from which I have mentioned before.

The models are well constructed, well painted and beautifully photographed as well.

Excellent work.

See how it was done.

Valentines Day

Don’t know what you got, but I got reinforcements…

Generally on Valentines Day you get flowers, chocolates, and other romantic stuff!

I got a boxed set of Grey Knights! Okay so not very romantic, but what a present!

There are five Grey Knights in the boxed set, including one Justicar and one Knight with incinerator.

Two of these may well end up as the crew of my Grey Knights Landspeeder.

Witch Hunters Codex

There is one new Codex which has me as nearly excited (if not more so) than the Daemonhunters Codex and that is the Witch Hunters Codex.

Having see lots of nice preview pictures on the GW website of the new miniatures this looks like it could be another really nice release. The fact that a lot of the models are interchangeable with Daemonhunters means less models to buy.

Looking good.

Warmaster Magazine Issue #20

Finally managed to get hold of a copy of Warmaster Magazine issue #20 which I could never find in my local GW stores.

It looks good and has details of the excellent jungle game from GamesDay 2003 which I have a few (sadly fuzzy) pictures on my website.