Kingdom of Britannia Terrier Ironclad

Kingdom of Britannia Terrier Ironclad

Striking a balance between speed, durability and firepower, the Terrier Ironclad is the perfect expansion to a Kingdom of Britannia force. Able to engage any opponent whilst weathering all but the heaviest attacks, the Terrier provides a steadfast iron anchor for the Britannian gun line. Any foe foolish enough to approach the Terrier head on will be blasted by its relentless 122-Pdr Gun, whilst the sponson mounted AT Rifles deter any attempted flanking assaults. As well as this devastating array of firepower, the Terrier holds a powerful shield generator within its hull – a sparking energy field to disrupt incoming fire.

I quite like this new model from Spartan Games for their Dystopian Legions game. It appears from the CAD diagram to have a lot of detail. Though Dystopian Legions uses extra large 28mm figures, this would appear to be not too scale specific so would fit in with 25mm figures quite easily.

Pre-order here.

Steampunk Tanks

I have been looking at the forthcoming releases for the Dystopian Legions and quite like the look of the Britannic and Prussian steam powered tankettes.

Dystopian Legions - Prussian Empire: Kettenkarre Tankette

Dystopian Legions - Kingdom of Britannia: Basset Tankette

These I think would work well in my Steampunk Old West setting. They seem to fit in well with the Ironclad Miniatures Tunneller and Steam Tank.

I do like the concept of Dystopian Legions, and probably will get the rules, but I think I might actually use the Old West rules instead using aspects of the Dystopian Legions background and miniatures.