Ork Gunwagon

I’ve always liked the Ork Gunwagon, which was one of the first Forge World models that was released and was one of the first that I purchased. After a while Forge World started releasing them with bigger more powerful weapons.

This is a Forge World Gunwagon with Big Shoota

Ork Gunwagon

Another Forge World Ork Gunwagon, this one is armed with Big Zzappa

Ork Gunwagon

From the Display Cabinets at GamesDay.

Forge World Open Day

At the weekend it was the Forge World Open Day and as expected there were lots of nice new models on show. Alas I didn’t go, but there were lots of pictures floating about on the interwebs.







So what did I miss?

It’s coming…

Forge World Mars Pattern Warlord Titan

Need we say more?

New Forge World Terrain Gun Emplacement

Also shown off at the Horus Heresy event were some new Forge World Terrain Tiles. This is a Gun Emplacement complete with weapon, ready to be attacked by Orks or Nids.

New Forge World Terrain

As you can see this has a big turret and a big gun, almost naval in appearance.

New Forge World Terrain

Via Twitter

Space Marine Sokar Pattern Stormbird

The Stormbird Gunship is an armoured versatile craft that combines the role of dropship, armoured transport and strike craft.

This is from an old White Dwarf and shows how Games Workshop back then thought the Stormbird looked like.

Back in 2011 I posted one gamer’s interpretation of that pencil drawing of a Stormbird. This was a huge model.

Over the weekend Forge World showed pictures at the Horus Heresy event of their version of the Stormbird.

Space Marine Sokar Pattern Stormbird

Looking very similar to the Thunderhawk, that has been out for years, however as you can see it has a much larger hull, big enough to carry a whole Rhino. There are extra engines and looks like bigger wings.

Space Marine Sokar Pattern Stormbird

Personally I would have preferred to see soemthing more akin to the original concept of the Stormbird rather than something less like the Thunderhawk.