Now we have a picture of the box – Doctor Who Lego

The LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set will be available in December.

The LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set will be available starting December! #lego #doctorwho

The back of the box shows that the set will contains two Doctors, Clara, a Weeping Angel and some Daleks.

Doctor Who Box

More photographs of the model.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set

Nice model of the Tardis, which I think works well.


Still don’t really like the Daleks.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set

Nice Weeping Angel, I don’t think that the Peter Capaldi doctor has actually seen a Weeping Angel, but I may be wrong.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set

Lego Doctor Who

Lego Doctor Who

Looks like we will have Lego Doctor Who… very soon! This is the first official image of the new Doctor Who Lego.

Update: We now have the Tardis console as well….

Tardis Console

This was a Lego Ideas submission which was approved to be a real product.

Lego Doctor Who

We already have Lego Dimensions Doctor Who as we found out in July. This is the video from that announcement.

It looks like from the video that you will be able to play all thirteen doctors in the game. In addition there are Daleks and Cybermen.

Doctor Who – Prologue

Doctor Who

The BBC have released (on iPlayer) a prologue to the new series, starting on the 19th September. You can find it here (the link may not work in the future or outside the UK, sorry).

It doesn’t say much, what do you think it all means?

Looking for Daleks


So the BBC have released a new trailer for Doctor Who and there are a couple of shots of Daleks within it.

Now if you look carefully, not only can you see the Special Weapon Dalek, but there are also early era Daleks like those encountered by the first Doctor.


The Special Weapon Dalek was first seen in the classic Sylvester McCoy story, Remembrance of the Daleks.

Special Weapon Dalek

Another view from Remembrance of the Daleks.

Special Weapon Dalek

This new shot is not the only time it has appeared, it was also seen in Asylum of the Daleks.

Special Weapon Dalek in 2012

So not long now until the new series of Doctor Who. Are you looking forward to it?


Doctor Who: Born to save the universe

New Doctor Who trailer and series 9 starts September 19th 2015.

Well there’s a lot in that trailer, not sure if I understand it all, but I did recognise the Daleks, Missy and a Zygon. Looking good.