Forge World Armoured Medusa

One of the nice things that I remember from attending GamesDay 2008 (was it really five years ago) were the wonderful Forge World display cabinets.

This model of the Armoured Medusa Armageddon Pattern was one of the many finely painted miniature armoured fighting vehicles on display.

Forge World Armoured Medusa Armageddon Pattern

Click the image to see a larger version.

One of the reasons I went around GamesDay 2008 taking photographs was to use the pictures as painting references and for ideas when painting my own models.

There are two key aspects of this model that have helped me paint, as it happens, my Ork models. Firstly the rust effect, in the main I think I would use a toned down method for rust. I also really like the cannon barrel, which I think would work really well on an Ork weapon.

It’s interesting to see that this model has no markings, one of the things you see on other Imperial Guard models is a range of markings, apart from the Imperial Aquila, there are no other markings.

Overall I do find the Forge World models quite inspiring and certainly help me to paint and model.

Felix’s Gaming Pages – Top Ten Posts of 2012

Another successful year for Felix’s Gaming Pages with around 360 blog posts put online. A fair few less hits this year, but that was in the main as I didn’t attend GamesDay 2012 or many other shows and therefore didn’t live blog as I have done in previous years. So what were the top ten posts (by visits) for 2012.

10. Forge World Diorama – Games Day 2012
Well the only post from 2012 which makes my top ten posts of 2012! This was a post of some lovely photographs from GamesDay 2012 of the fantastic looking Forge World display table.

9. Plastic Imperial Guard Valkyrie at Design Studio Open Day
This post from 2009 was confirmation of the plastic Valkyrie rumour that had been floated about for a while. It has got quite popular in recent weeks, not sure why though.

8. Chaos BaneBlade
This photograph of a Chaos Baneblade that won the Silver Golden Demon at GamesDay 2007 is my eighth most popular post, last year it was number two and the reason it is, is that if you put Baneblade into Google this image comes up! It use to be the number one image result on Google, but probably due to age of the photograph has dropped down. Still a splendid model though.

Chaos BaneBlade

7. Warhammer Fantasy Village
This post from 2009 was a series of photographs from a fantastic looking Warhammer Fantasy demonstration game at GamesDay 2008.

Warhammer Fantasy Village

6. Forge World Chaos Brass Scorpion
I’ve never liked Chaos, however Forge World’s Brass Scorpion is probably one of my favourite models of all time. This blog post from 2009 discussed the announcement of the model by Forge World. I suspect that the release of the most recent Masterclass Book by Forge World (which covers the Brass Scorpion) may have increased interest in this post.

5. US Army “Bolter”
This was a news item on a new weapon that was been tested by the US Army; it was originally posted two years ago in 2010.

4. Warhammer Siege Diorama
This post was a live blog post from GamesDay 2010. I was posting photographs from the show live to the blog via my phone. This was of a fantastic Warhammer Fantasy diorama, the Siege of Altdorf. I also took a fair few photographs of the siege using my DSLR. Some excellent scenery and very evocative of the Warhammer world.

3. Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines’ Land Raider
This post was all the photographs I had taken of Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines’ Land Raider from the ‘Eavy Metal display cabinets at both GamesDay 2005 and Warhammer World.

2. Flames of War – Battle of the Bulge
This was the fourth most popular post in 2011 so has climbed two to number two. The post was from 2011 and discussed the possibilities of a Flames of War Battle of the Bulge supplement that Battlefront mentioned in February. Within the post I discussed the tanks that I hoped we would see in any such release including the M24 Chaffee and the Comet. I also speculated how nice it would be to see some Late-War Monsters. We have now seen the Chaffee, but as yet no Comet (maybe we’ll see it in 2013). As for Late-War Monsters, well Forged In Battle have produced some really nice post 1945 models.

1. Death Korps of Krieg
So my most popular post of 2012 and was also the most popular post of 2011 was a posting from February 2009 about a link I had found in the community feed of some beautifully painted Death Korps of Krieg tanks.

Death Korps of Krieg

So will these same posts be just as popular in 2013, we will have to wait and see.

Thunderer Siege Tank

When the advanced technology of the Tank Hunters’s Laser Destroyer malfunctions, or is damaged in battle the Adeptus Mechanicus often re-gun the the Tank Hunter with a different weapon. A common converison is to replace the damaged Laser Destroyer with a Demolisher cannon, to fill the role of the Demolisher.

Thunderer Siege Tank from the Forge World displays at GamesDay 2008.

Armageddon pattern enclosed Medusa

Armageddon pattern enclosed Medusa at GamesDay 2008.

More photographs of the Armageddon pattern enclosed Medusa.


This very nice Forge World Armageddon pattern enclosed Basilisk was made up and painted by Warwick Kinrade. It was in the display cabinets at GamesDay 2008.

More photographs of the Armageddon pattern enclosed Basilisk.